Hariphunchai Tai Tham Font Project Documentation (PDF)

We now have some nice documentation! Check it out:

Hariphunchai Tai Tham Font Project (PDF)

Hariphunchai News, Adventures and Challenges for 2011

Now that 2011 is now well under way, we would like to take a short “time out” from glyph design to report some exciting news, as well as discuss the typographical adventures and challenges that we face.

Palm leaf Manuscripts and the Buddhist Canon ใบลาน คําภีร์พระไตรปิฎก

คําภีร์ใบลาน Buddhist palm leaf manuscript

“Shoppingrome” on the Thai language Pixpros.net photography web site has provided a fascinating introduction (in Thai) to palm leaf manuscripts along with superb photographs that will give you a very good idea of not only what Tai Tham script really looks like when written with a needle on palm leaves, but also of the immense historical and cultural importance of the Tai Tham script:

About Us เกี่ยวกับเรา

Hariphunchai Project โครงการหริภุญชัย

Tai Tham Character Notes หมายเหตุเรื่องตัวอักษรภาษาล้านนา

This page is currently incomplete - Ed 2010.11.04

Code point Letter, ex. word, ex. subjoined --- Notes
U+1A20 ᨠ ᨠᩬᨦ ᨧᩣ᩠ᨠ .
U+1A21 ᨡ ᨡᩣ ᨴᩩᨠ᩠ᨡ᩺ . .
U+1A22 ᨢ ᨢ᩶ᩣᨧᩮᩢ᩶ᩣ . .

Hariphunchai Project web site started เว็บไซต์เริ่มวันนี้

The initial goal of the Hariphunchai Project is to create a Tai Tham Unicode font in the Lanna style.

Although the project has been under construction for several months now, today we initiate the Drupal-based web site.

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